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For our clients who are still living in their home while it is on the market we provide the complete solution to getting your home looking it’s best, with minimal intrusion to you. We are homeowners and investors ourselves and know what it is like to sell a home.

We take a look at current furniture, décor and artwork and will advise on design and supplementing this with additional staging to make the most of the money you’re investing into your house, giving you the highest possible profit. 

  • Repurposing and rearranging your current furniture layout and improving traffic flow for those viewing your home
  • Prioritizing your investment in updating parts of the home, often the kitchen and master bedroom are of highest importance however we will look at your home and give you a custom solution to make the most of your money
  • Preferred contractors, we will help get multiple estimates from the highest quality, licensed and trusted contractors in San Diego and also manage the project for you
  • Color consultations, often simply changing a wall or room color will drastically change the feel of your home for very little cost
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