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If you do not plan to be living in your home while it is for sale then this service is best for you. Allow your home to be shown in the best possible light by having a consistent theme and look across all areas by making use of high quality yet cost effective Staging in the San Diego area. Our highly qualified home stagers will meet you in an initial consultation and work with you so that you are happy you are getting the best return on investment when staging your home.

Whether you’re a homeowner, investor or a builder, first impressions are essential when selling your home for the best possible price so you want potential buyers to be “wowed” when they enter your home for the first time.  We also recognize that budget and return on investment is also of utmost importance for our clients and to get the best of both worlds we’ll plan a custom package specific to your situation.

We firstly conduct a thorough walk through of your house and then match it with the right style of furniture and décor using our expert interior design team. 

  • Organizing or packing rooms – if you want your home to be vacant but need assistance in preparing your home
  • Style/color consultation – matching and fitting staging to your home style and era

If you are looking for occupied or partial home staging we offer those services too.

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